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People frequently ask why I chose the name “Spinning Image” for my business and simply put, it goes back to 1986 when a college buddy and I stumbled across the name while working on an advertising project for a radio sales class we were taking together.

Over the course of my many adventures of what seems to be an endless rainbow of light, there is one main component throughout which I believe is my father. Unfortunately, I only have a few photos and stories to remember about him. When I was 3 years old, my father died suddenly- there was no time of sickness, no terminal diagnosis, and no period to prepare for the loss. He just disappeared abruptly one day, and I never saw him again. I wanted more than anything to hold onto a part of my father. I wanted to find a way to honor him with my life. Although he had done agricultural research with the Green Giant Company, he was a photographer at heart. A great deal of his free time was spent documenting landscapes, trains, and our family with his camera.  It is only years later after my mom died that I was able to see the albums of the photos he had taken.

To this day, I am still blown away by the practice of photography. Those frozen moments in time allow me to discover aspects of the subject that I did not see when I clicked the shutter. In what I consider my best work, I always find those new elements. I like seeing life as it is, recording that split second, and photography gives me that opportunity. To put it simply-Photography for me is the fascination, love and adventure I find in the craft.  Photography can be difficult at best. You have to be on your toes and in tune with your surroundings as well as with yourself.

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